Marimo Japan Internship

for Outstanding Students



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Dreaming of working in Japan?

Let's make a step on the way to your dream!

Explore the true beauty of the four season’s scenery and unique culture of Japan

Learn more about traditions and customs of Japanese people through business manners (hospitality)

Develop a cultural bridge between your home country and Japan


In 2014 year we went to a one local city in a faraway country overseas looking to hire newcomers for our company.

There we met many talented young people who were dreaming to work in Japan.

However, they had not even a little chance to get employed in Japan.

"Poor economic conditions", "Lack of information" and "No opportunities and connections" were some reasons why their dream couldn’t come true for long years.

Also nowadays many of young people tell us "My dream is to work in Japan."

Currently numerous Japanese companies have difficulties in hiring specialists.

Lack of human resources causes a negative impact on the productivity of companies here in Japan.

Nevertheless a lot of HR have doubts how they can be able to recruit excellent specialists from overseas.

Working on this project we have connected to each other two big missions. We encourage and support young people living abroad to make their dreams come true. As well, we do ourselves utmost for further development of Japanese companies.


Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile 

Marimo Holdings Co.,Ltd.

HQ. Address 

1-17-23 Kougokita,Nishi-ku,Hiroshima-shi,733-0821, Japan

Local Branches


Business Activities

Property development,Design and supervision of construction works,SalesRecruitment consultant,Employment agency 

Licence for Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses, No.


Licence for the Operation of a General Worker Dispatching Undertaking, No.


Marimo Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive real estate developer with headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan. 「POLESTAR」 is the most successful apartments brand, sold all over Japan. In financial year of 2018, company sales exceeded 44 billion Japanese yen, ranking among the top 20 living residence developers in Japan.

Marimo Co., Ltd. is also present in sustainable urban renewal and coordinate different projects in a real estate sector. The company had expanded overseas in 2009 making branches and cooperation in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The company has a 49 years history. Since its foundation and for 20 years the company was a leading design office worked on the design of many properties. Having gained experience, the company started its own business as a developer.

In 2017 Marimo Co., Ltd was reformed into a holding company performing now a variety of management functions within a corporate group.