Working for a global company

There are various growth steps for an engineer.

Let's move one step at a time closer to our ideal dreams!

Introducing Marimo Global Technology

There are various growth steps for an engineer.

Let’s move one step at a time closer to our ideal dreams!​

“I want to grow from scratch in a team”

“I want to learn skills from experts”

“I want to engage in various technologies”


For those who are considering how to grow our company, Marimo Global Technology has the confidence to fulfill your wishes!

The fact that our accomplishments in system development within various fields such as municipality, construction, manufacture, distribution, broadcasting etc, means we have earnt trust from countless companies.

We are dealing with business as contract matters, on-demand task, there is a possibility that we will assign you to such diversified projects.

If you are shy or lack of experience, please rest assured!

As you will be engaging in tasks with a team, you will be able to learn skills closely with an engineering expert.

Furthermore, to develop yourself as an engineer’s growth is one of our desires.

[Whether it leads to engineer’s growth or not]

In order to develop fully of judgement, you will be able to feel growth and reward through multiple projects.

From now on, if you want to challenge yourself in a role as a project leader or obtain managerial expertise, this is the best for you.

joining our company should lead you a step closer towards your ideal dream!

Specific Work Content

Commercializing Open Web Related and System Control centering on Embedded Related oriented system development. Specifically engaging in all sorts of fields such as production, distribution, construction, medical, mass communication, transportation etc. Our responsibility is to manage and match up your experience and skill sets from basic design to program development. The work assignment takes a team structure of 2 to 7 people. While undergoing an on-job-training (OJT), you will get the chance to keep improving your skills at the same time. Even if you are an inexperienced, you will get used to our work quickly and once you grow, you will be able to participate in projects involving on-demand tasks such as requirements, specification and design.

Growth support upon joining the company

We have been associating with many clients for several years, hence, there are many long-term development projects in hand. While waiting for an environment where you are capable of working for an over a period of time, you will be able to thoroughly experience a one technology domain. We are actively acquiring contract development projects for the future, you can continue to demonstrate your technological capabilities. other than that, if you are eager to "learn and absorb new technology more and more", you can experience several projects in a relatively short development span.

Acquired skills and Career Path

Our policy is that "We want to introduce the stage where we want to engineers can develop little by little from the current level". For that reason, we will actively assign new projects where you can accumulate new development skills and programming languages. In addition, you will be able to realize your career improvement plans, including not only technical aspects but also promotions, by joining projects that will gain you managerial experience in the future.

Info session 


King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) 


​14:00~(Thailand time)

ONLINE(Microsoft Teems)



【Recruitment type】

  IT Engineer (System Engineer, Programmer)

【Recruitment number of people】

  Few People (Current new foreign employees nationalities): China, Korea, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia

【Applicant Requirements】

 ①Programming experience or skills while attending school

 ②Spoken Japanese Business Level, minimum JLPT N2 Level

【Work Location】       

  Head office and Tokyo metropolitan area (based on assigned projects)

【Working Hours】     

  9:00~18:00, or 10:00 ~ 19:00 (8 hours of duty, 1 hour break)

  ※Overtime work should be adjusted to be within 20 hours a month.

【Holiday and Vacation】  

  Saturday and Sunday (Two full days off), Public holiday, New Year holiday, Paid holidays, Annual holiday (125 days) (As of year 2019)


210,000 yen 〜 350,000 yen (We decided based on experience and knowledge). The salary is a fixed monthly basis salary of the basic salary and a job allowance. The job allowance is for overtime work within 20 hours a month, and is paid regardless. Any overtime work past 20 hours will be paid separately.

【Benefits And Treatment】    

  One raise, twice a year bonus (total 2.5 months salary / year: performance related), transportation expenses, overtime allowance, qualification reward system social insurance (health, welfare pension, employment, work injury)

Company Overview

Marimo Global Technology Co., Ltd.

Floor 2, Tokyo Central Place, 22-6 Nihonbashi-Kabutocho,

Chuo-ku Tokyo, 103-0026, Japan

Tel: 03-6206-2750 Fax: 03-3662-3800




50 million yen


December 1994


Fukagawa Makoto  (CEO)

Employees Number 

64 Peoples

Business Content

Commercial Application Development

Software System Design, Development, Maintenance

IT System Consultation

IT Technologist Dispatcher