Your steps to an international internship experience



Take participation in a briefing session and individual interview which will be organizing in your home country (cities and places will be announced).


Ask more for details on interview as we will bring to you up-to-case information on companies carrying out internships, employment opportunities which are the most matched to your professional profile and qualifications.


Be prepared to illustrate your experiences and successes with those skills in a self-introduction video in Japanese and don't forget to bring us your CV!

We will recommend the most succeeded candidates for taking a WEB interview with recruiter from Japanese company.


Well done! Let's go to an internship for 2 weeks up to 1 month. Don’t panic even if you are the first time abroad. We will provide assistance with all VISA, housing, and immigration procedures. In addition, please be assured that you will receive Japan: The Life Guide and Japanese custom training as well.

Participants' voices

Mr. Kurniawan Arida

KURETAKESO Co., Ltd. (Hotel), Indonesian branch

Being a Muslim I had many concerns about my work in Japan because there are a lot of differences between religious customs. However I was able to finish my internship without any problems. All colleagues dealt with me with much understanding and respectful attitude to my religion. After returning to home country I got a job in a Japanese company. I am feeling happy and grateful that now I can grow up further my language skills working in the Southeast Asian development team.

Ms. Tiara Gischa

Japanese manufacturing company in Indonesia

When I was a student, I went to Tokyo as a winner of the Japanese language speech contest. Visiting Japan for the first time was so fun so I became dreaming about work there. Actually I didn't know what to do to make it happen. I heard about the Marimo Internship program by chance. I registered, passed an interview and finally my dream came true! After gaining an experience in Japan I started working by a Japanese manufacturing company in Indonesia as an interpreter.

Mr. Andry

Travel agency

I found out about Marimo's internship in 2016 and get a chance to leave for Japan for the first time. I majored in an accounting at the University, but during the internship I studied hard the Japanese language. After receiving JLPT N2 I was able to get a job in a Japanese company. I do love Japan and want to work here as long as possible.

Internship & Employment Recruiting Fair


Planned to be held in May / June 2020


Corporate Profile

HQ. Address

Business Activities

Local Branches

1-17-23 Kougokita,Nishi-ku,Hiroshima-shi,733-0821, Japan


Property development,Design and supervision of construction works,SalesRecruitment consultant,Employment agency 

Corporate Profile 

Marimo Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Marimo Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive real estate developer with headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan. 「POLESTAR」 is the most successful apartments brand, sold all over Japan. In financial year of 2018, company sales exceeded 44 billion Japanese yen, ranking among the top 20 living residence developers in Japan.

Marimo Co., Ltd. is also present in sustainable urban renewal and coordinate different projects in a real estate sector. The company had expanded overseas in 2009 making branches and cooperation in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The company has a 49 years history. Since its foundation and for 20 years the company was a leading design office worked on the design of many properties. Having gained experience, the company started its own business as a developer.

In 2017 Marimo Co., Ltd was reformed into a holding company performing now a variety of management functions within a corporate group.